Our Mission

Hockey is connected to Canadian culture and Seaside Hockey is committed to making hockey available to more Canadians. Seaside Hockey provides quality instruction, professional coaching, life skills and leading-edge hockey-based mentorship programs to youth in the GTA.

With strong community relationships and access to high quality coaches, Seaside uses hockey to offer minority youth space to develop learn, be challenged and to support their growth into confident individuals.


2022 Spring Collection


We are a non-profit community-based hockey program founded in June of 2020 by a group of hockey enthusiasts.

Hockey experts are saying the game is at a turning point. Hockey needs more dynamic, inclusive programming to stay Canadian. Seaside Hockey is here to increase diversity, drive inclusion and address the factors that cause a divide in hockey.

The Seaside House League program is based out of Scarborough, one of the most diverse areas in income and ethnicity in Ontario. For many years Scarborough was the home of the Malvern House League, so Seaside is excited to bring hockey back to the neighbourhood. We know the development of Seaside players will truly set us apart.

Our Plan

Player development will be led by professional instructors on and off the ice, ensuring the designed curriculum is delivered to maximize player growth.

When a player moves on from our program, they will be set up to succeed at whatever level they choose to play.

Seaside Hockey will provide more opportunities for racialized players to participate in the sport with confidence and ability through on-line educational programs and mentorship relationships from all levels of sport.